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Please call for fall schedule & tuition Or look on our FB page.  We start back up on September 4th to May 30th, 2020.

First Responders/Veterans $10.00 Off.  239-682-3241


  • AUDITIONS FOR: Performing Dance Company: This is an accelerated dance program with education, performance & opportunities. Learning all forms of dance. Traveling, performances, competitions, ect. and summer classes are a must to keep your skills. We can go up to five or more dances! Please call for more info. Ages for Dance Co. 11 years or over as of July 1st.   


  • AUDITIONS FOR:  PRO – Hip-Hop/Music Video®  Dance Crew:  Offering Ages 12 years to 20 yearsThis is an hard core accelerated Hip-Hop program with education, performance & opportunities. Traveling in Florida and out of Florida. Many performances, competitions and gigs. Dancers MUST take summer classes to keep your skills and body strong. We may start choreography in the summer months as well. We can go up to three to four dances with costumes and non costumes. Workshops are mandatory!  Please call for more info.  


  • AUDITIONS FOR: Hip-Hop/Music Video®  Dance Crew:  Offering Ages 8 years to 11 years. This is an accelerated Hip-Hop program with education, performance & opportunities. Traveling in the Florida areas. Many performances and gigs. Summer classes are suggested, but not mandatory. Two dances will be learned and fine tuned. Workshops are mandatory! Please call for more info. (we will entertain a very talented and focused 7 year old). 


  • Recreational Combo Classes Rock:  Offering Ages 4 years to 20 years. Participate in all forms of dancing. In fact, recreational dancing is about trying out a bunch of different styles to figure out which ones your child enjoys the most. By keeping the classes light and stress-free, it gives the dancers of all ages a chance to just let loose and get into whatever style is being taught. By age 9 years or 10 years, your dancer may want to join more classes that are more structured, disciplined and competitive! We incorporate positive reinforcement, creativity and critique with all dancers!


  • We Offer: Guest Workshop With Amazing Instructors throughout the year!  We open this to the public! Please call or view our FB page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Pictured to the right: Michele Ryan dancers performing 






Our dancers performing to small world